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                                            George Hunt Williamson - Michael D’Obrenovic

                                   The herald of the encounter among Father and Sons

                                                                  (Maurizio Martinelli)

1. Introduction

        After a long period of silence, during last few years appeared and became available new  important articles and documents concerning the life and the scope of life of the maverick personage known as George Hunt Williamson ( GHW ) until end of fifties of the XX century, then legally known as Michael Obrenovic Obilic von Lazar ( MDO ).[1]

            I briefly summarize the documents which allow to better understand the path of this remarkable man :

1       Article written by the researcher Michel Zirger in the French magazine “ Lumières Dans La Nuit “, no. 357, August 2000[2]

2       Article written by the journalist Franco Brancatelli in the Italian magazine “ Ufo notiziario “, no. 59, October- November 2005[3]

3       Article written by Gianfranco Degli Esposti in the Italian magazine “ Ufo notiziario “, no. 59, October - November 2005[4]

4       Series of articles written by Prof. Michael Swords [5]


5       Letters wrote by the colonel and archaeologist Costantino Cattoi to Dr Filippo Martinelli, esoterical chemist,  during the years 1958/60[6]

6       Article written by Olivier du Rouvroy in his Web site [7]

    7  Personal notes and a manuscript of a book that GHW has never published “ Secret of lost horizon ( Shangri-la is alive and well ! ) “, 1984, both given to myself by Eng. Stefano Breccia, author of the book  “ Mass contacts “ ( Contattismi di massa, Nexus edizioni, 2006 )[8] 

I have been always puzzled by the fact that apart the above mentioned articles, few researchers such as Timothy Green Beckley[9], Jerome Clark[10],  James W. Moseley[11], wrote articles and notes on GHW, even though he was at the key place with George Adamski during the famous alleged meeting  with the Venusian being on November 20, 1952, he wrote books on the UFO subject from the very beginning, he travelled more than anybody else in the field during 1950s, he wrote books anticipating many themes which are nowadays very fashion.

Even more strange the fact that starting from 1960s, after the publishing of his last book “ Secret of the Andes “ under the name of Brother Philip, very few persons knew and know something about his personal life. Anyway he was a person “ out of pre-classified schemas “, with a very large open mind, who allowed him to act in different fields.

According to the period of his life he studied the Indian traditions, he performed archaeological researches in South America and Mexico, he was a success lecturer all over the world, he received message from the “Space Brother “ by radio interstellar transmission, he channelled and received messages of a telepathic nature from human beings living on Earth at his time ( although they have had other earth incarnations previously ), as mystic he founded an Essen Community in the Andes and then he apparently stopped his activities.

2. Known and unknown key events in his life

As early as 1947 while a student at Eastern New Mexico University, GHW stated his theory to his class mates and his professor in Organic Evolution, Dr James Martin, that he believed dinosaurs would be found still living in two places on Earth. Both of these places, he said, had a climate conducive to dinosaurs existence and also both were the only two places on Earth where the indigenous population had legends about gigantic beasts still roaming in the area.

 These two locations he said  were in South America and Africa, thousands of unexplored square miles in the Mato Grosso and interior of Brazil and in an almost unknown part of Congo. Some of his fellows students laughed, but Prof. Martin agreed that it was totally possible a few dinosaurs survived the reptile's end  that came over seventy millions years ago.

In 1949 at the University of Arizona,  GHW was honoured with more laughter when he told his theory in class that he believed the ancient Japanese crossed the Pacific Ocean and successfully reached South America. This time the professors all laughed as well; however in the mid of 1950s, Dr Clifford Evan, associate curator, division of archaeology, at the U.S. National Museum and Miss Betty J. Meggers, research associate at the Smithsonian Institution announced they had discovered that around 3200 B.C. unusual incised pottery appeared at a site near the fishing valley of Valdivia on the southern coast of Ecuador. They found that strikingly similar work had been produced in the same period in Japan on the opposite site of the Pacific.

In 1951, after his study period 1950-51 with the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota,[12] GHW, as well known by them as reputable " man of peace “ and also called by the Hopi Indians "Sun Eagle", was asked to lead the Indians cavalry in the famous movie “ The Last outpost “ ( 1951 ) with also starring Ronald Reagan.[13]

Among the messages of telepathic nature that GHW started to receive as a " very fine young channel " from 1953, he received a special one that was given to Dr Charles Laughead in order to be forwarded to Dr Andrija Puharich, after the meeting among Lillian and Charles Laughead with Puharich and the well known Dutch psychic Peter Hurkos hold in Acambaro, Mexico on July 27, 1956, while both groups were in the city in order to study the famous Acambaro figurines discovered in 1945 by Waldemar Julsrud.

The importance of the episode is in the fact that the message channelled by GHW contained the second part of the very same formula that Puharich had received on December 31, 1952 through the Indian sage Dr Vinod  channelling the so called entity  " M ".  Despite of all requests, GHW never admitted to be the " young channel ", until  he met Puharich on July 3, 1978, for a lengthy discussion in Beverly Hills, California. GHW asked Puharich to forgive him for not confirming it years before, but said at the time he did not want it known that he had any  psychic ability. Puharich said he understood perfectly, but went on to say that the entire incident was the greatest proof he had ever received in all years of investigation into psychic matters. This was saying a great deal, indeed, for Dr Puharich has studied some of the most noteworthy example of paranormal activity that have occurred in modern times.  He had written “ Beyond telepathy “ and “ The sacred mushroom “ and later had the incredible experiences with Uri Geller in Israel when they  encountered  the  entity  called “ Spectra “. [14]    

            On December 2, 1956, together with Lillian and Charles  Laughead, brothers Ray and John Stanford, his wife Betty[15] and his young son Marc, GHW left for Peru, under the telepathic instructions received by the flesh and blood “Brother Philip “ and by the “ Brotherhood of the seven rays “. It is during his staying in Peru that GHW met Dr Daniel Ruzo, the discoverer of the rocky sculptures in the Marcahuasi plateau, the German scholar Maria Reiche, expert of the Nazca lines, and performed the expeditions in the jungle looking for the famous Paititi kingdom.[16]

            While Came back to the States, on December 9, 1957, Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of  the  “ sleeping prophet “, in Virginia Beach, at the headquarters of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., went to the private file and took out some excerpts from the Cayce records and turned them over to GHW.  Cayce asked him if he would check out the details as given by his father in his readings, when he returned to South America where he was leaving on a permanent basis. The elder Cayce had received information over the years on ancient South America and Hugh Lynn thought GHW was in good position to authenticate the readings.

            During the year 1958, GHW travelled as lecturer either in several countries[17],  either he travelled for more than 38.000 miles in the United States. During those years he also had permanent address in the United Kingdom in “ Tree House, Hanchurch, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs “[18].  He was in Japan during 1961 and he realized that the ancient Jomon Dogu figurines that were thousands of years unearthed on the island of Honshu clearly were evidence that ancient astronauts visited Earth in very early times. The figurines were wearing obvious space suits, socket in the sleeves, below the shoulders and in the back of the helmets there were gadgets boxes featuring outlets, probably for communications lines.

            On two expeditions during an eight month period in 1961-62, GHW made discoveries of major importance in Yucatan Mexico. His official report of these discoveries was included in his preliminary report entitled “ The Loltun expeditions to Yucatan “.  This report was used by GHW for his doctoral dissertation for the Ph.D. in anthropology which he received in 1967. The University of Miami subsequently released some of this information and GHW’s research on key to the decipherment of the Mayan hieroglyphics in the Journal of Inter-American Studies for July, 1968 published by the Centre of Advanced Inter-American studies in Florida.[19]

            Searching for the lost codices and tombs of the Mayan kings and his priests, GHW had already discovered and explored twenty- four completely new gigantic chambers in the greatest of all Mayan ceremonial grottoes, the ancient and fabulous Loltun “ Cave of the stone flower “. A strange “ lost world “ sort of a place shrouded in mystery for centuries. His college and co-discoverer in the work at Loltun was the Yale University zoologist Dr G. Manson Valentine who in the 1960s was on the staff of the Alabama Museum of National History at the University of Alabama. The two persons had worked together before in the 1950s in the Andes in Peru[20].

On December 26, 1961, GHW and Prof. Vicente Vasquez discovered a hitherto unknown ancient Mayan roadway, a great sacred ceremonial complex and a sealed temple of several levels. A short time later, on January 13, 1962,  GHW and Vasquez found  a small depression in a corner of one of the quadrangles of the temple. Removing soil they found and broke an ancient masonry seal. This was the entrance of subterranean passageways and chambers to altars and tombs not seen by men since Maya had sealed the openings against all the intruders’ centuries before.  Inside the men made many unusual and important discoveries. GHW sent a telegram to Dr Valentine in Miami, Florida, in order to inform him of the discovery and suggested that him to come to Yucatan as soon as possible, so that he could investigate the site.

            GHW and Vasquez had discovered the legendary cave of X-Kukican, the sacred lost grotto of the Female Plumed Serpent. The late, great Dr Sylvanus G. Morley had searched for years in the 1920s and 30s for this grotto, but he never found it. Vasquez had known Morley well during that time and heard him often speak of this legendary cavern. Dr Valentine was not able to complete his plans to depart to Yucatan until over a month later. On February 18th, he arrived to join GHW and Vasquez. However illness at the site prevented him from making thorough investigations, but after a week of intensive work with the men camping on the site, new enigmatic discoveries of great importance were made. On March 2nd, an official Mexican government commission headed by one of the world's leading Mayan authorities, Dr Alfredo Barrera Vasquez, Director of the Istituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia in Merida, Yucatan, at the request of GHW, journeyed to the X-Kukican site, as well as to other caves sites discovered by GHW.

            In his first official report, Vasquez said the site was of great importance, very sacred and ancient.  He stated further that there were many strange enigmas in the grotto that were of extreme importance for scientific research.  GHW was the first to enter a chamber that contained markings on the wall that bore no resemblance to known Mayan art forms. He immediately realized that here were proof  that there had been contacts between the ancient Maya and the Indians of the south-eastern part of the United States. GHW had long believed that this contact had taken place  and at last in a lost grotto of the hills of central Yucatan he had found his proof. While conducting his cave exploration in Yucatan, GHW photographed an incredible occurrence in a subterranean chamber reached by stone steps and a drop through a sixty foot “ tube " through the stone. He recorded on film the form of an ancient energy field still present in the chamber having placed there by the Mayan priests - an energy field that was to guard and protect the squared area for ever.                            

   Due to the fact that GHW had legally changed his name into Michael D'Obrenovic and due to his decision to impose himself silence, he seemed suddenly to “ vanish ", so that he was shrouded in mystery. There was much speculation on the matter.  Oft-repeated questions were :  had GHW, like Hugh Conway in Hilton's "Lost Horizon" gone back to his own Shangri-là in the Andes ?  Had he found at last that ancient time-worn trail to the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays ?  Many believed GHW was dead. Others believed he had found the British explorer Colonel P.H. Fawcett alive in the jungles of Brazil and gone with him to one of the lost Cities of the " Green Hell " to live out his life amidst ruined splendour.

            Others he must have gone off in a spacecraft headed for Venus or abducted by the MIB ( Three Men in Black ) .  Some even said he was a government agent and had been " planted " in the middle of UFO research circles and then vanished into government " Red Tape".  A very few naive fans even thought he was a spaceman. One " researcher " thought he had " retired" in Page, Arizona, and was running a filling station and dropped all UFO research. Some even claimed they were present when GHW vanished into thin air in full view of a room full of people when he didn't want to speak with CIA agents who were present. A few thought he had located the entrance to their underground cities of the "El's".

Like most rumours, all of the above have had very little or no basis in fact. One thing is certain, GHW never gave up his UFO researches,  he never stopped travelling         or conducting expeditions or gathering facts from all over the world. He certainly never just " lost interest ".  He was not in " hiding " and he had never " retired". GHW continued to travel to many parts of the world on expeditions, conducting researches, writing for technical journals in anthropology, earning a Ph.D. degree in anthropology, teaching at a private Naval Academy, he was also a full professor at a Florida college, he was hired as a top consultant in archaeology by an advertising firm, he was Director of research for the Celotex Corporation's History of Man the Builder series, commissioned by Celotex as a salute to the entire building history, movies were also made for the series. The magnificent original paintings in the series are to be seen at the University of Florida at Gainesville.

Furthermore he was raising his young son Marc, was later a rancher in Arizona, was a lecturer at a California University, a private school teacher, in 1972, even before of his contact with the Don Elkins “RA channel team “, GHW had built a communication platform with an electric-optic Morse code type[21]. In the same period GHW cooperate with the blind composer Philip Rodgers, who was receiving messages from the space through his tape recorder. These messages were understood by means of the famous “ Solex Mal “ language indicated by GHW in one of his first books.[22]

He was also involved in movies field, due also to the fact he married the actress Jennifer Holt, from whom he divorced in 1977. During that period he wrote together with John Griffin a play so called “ The Grail “.  According to Michel Zirger, GHW was the main prototype of the famous movie series " Indiana Jones[23] “. It is also noteworthy that the last movie of the Indiana Jones's series, " Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull " deals with Dr Jones acting in Peru at 1957, finding mummies, looking for the Nazca lines and searching for Akakor in the jungle of the " Green Hell ", exactly as in the same period GHW did.


3. Information and anticipation by GHW


During his short but adventurous life, GHW was operative in many field of the Human knowledge, acting sometimes as an anticipator and inspirer. He always gave credit to his mentors since he received for many years communications involving all aspects of life on Earth either from the alleged Great White Brotherhood on Earth either from the alleged Space Confederation consisting of extraterrestrial intelligence now operating around our planet. The terrestrial Brotherhood, he was told,  had worked for millennia with the extraterrestrial visitors to our world.  If the GHW's contacts have been authentic, he should have expected to have " first hand information ".     

After the first book wrote by Desmond Leslie with George Adamski’s experience, GHW was the first to witness and write about actual communications with the UFOs. Starting from this experience, he stated in his worldwide lectures and in his books that he believed extraterrestrial visitors had arrived on Earth in ancient times and that these intelligences had actually intervened in the affairs of developing humanity here. He found enormous  evidence in world-wide mythology and many tales handed down by tradition from earlier times, evidence found in objects made for thousand of years from man himself. As the famous French author Robert Charroux said that " the adventurous ideas of this maverick archaeologist denigrated by official pundits acquaint the general public with prehistory and open doors to the unknown world ". 

GHW was among the firsts to present ( even though without giving that name ) what has become known as " the ancient astronaut theory ". He was among the firsts to suggest that space visitors might have visited the Earth in biblical times, proceeding his astronomer friend Morris Jessup ( 1956 ) by three years, he was six years ahead of the Russian scientist M.M. Agrest ( 1959 ), seven years ahead of another friend, Brisley Le Poer Trench, then Earl of Clancarty ( 1960 ), sixteen years ahead of Von Daniken and twenty-one years ahead of Joseph F. Blumrich. He was the first to suggest the possible extraterrestrial use of the " Mystery Lines of Nazca " in Peru.  E.E. Buttner writing in Search magazine in February, 1962, gave GHW credit for being the first to state that these markings were used by visitors from space. Buttner than went on to say that several years after GHW's theory was presented, prof.  V. Momarov of the Moscow Planetarium, announced that he believed such markings were used by beings on Earth to communicate with visitors from space.   

After his journey to Japan early 1960s and his study on the Jomon Dogu figurines, GHW sent many photographs, drawings and reports on the findings to Prof. Alexander Kazantsev in Russia. Kazantsev was an important consultant to the Soviet space program. He wrote on August 18, 1962 that he had received the " extremely interesting photographs", and asked that all possible detailed data to be sent to him for the matter was of great importance. Immediately after receiving the data from GHW, Kazantsev published a paper on the Jomon figurines in 1963, but never mentioned GHW nor did he state the source of his inspiration. Articles appeared frequently throughout the 60s and 70s and continue in the 80s  where the Russian scientists continues to discuss the Jomon figurines.  This same Prof. Kazantsev, along with some colleges, Professors Krinov ( head of the Soviet committee on meteorites ) and Zigel ( of the Moscow Institute of Aviation ) claimed to reveal " for the first time exclusively "  in 1975 that new evidence indicated a planet that once orbited  between Mars and Jupiter was destroyed in ancient times by a thermonuclear explosion set off by an advanced race of humanoids in the area of what today is the known Asteroid Belt.  GHW had said  exactly the same thing in considerable details in several of his early books in the 50s.

Typical GHW themes found their way into films and tv movies as well. One of this was "Star-ship invasions " ( 1978 ) starring Robert Vaughn and Christopher Lee. in this movie extraterrestrial explorers come to Earth in search of a new habitat when their planet's sun threatens to explode. It all seemed to come right out of the pages of the GHW' s " Other tongues - other flesh " even to have the bad guys coming from the area of Orion.  And the movie " Star wars " with its technologically superior society placed in the past instead of the future, its galactic Empire, the Emperor, the Death Star         ( which was GHW' s " Tyrantor ", the computer planet ) etc., was highly reminiscent of several GHW books, particularly " Road in the sky ". 

Two scientists got in the act as well. Maurice Chatelain was one of the scientists who conceived the Apollo spacecraft which landed on the moon.  His book " Our ancestors came from outer space " ( 1978 ) confirms GHW's earlier theories about mankind extraterrestrial origins. Joseph F. Blumrich, a major N.A.S.A. engineer, wrote " The spaceships of Ezekiel " ( 1974 ), continuing a theme started by GHW in 1953. Many other have noticed connections and similarities. W.L. Brian II writing in "Moon-gate : suppressed findings  of the U.S. Space program - The N.A.S.A.-military cover-up " ( 1982 ), certainly saw GHW' s earlier ideas in " Star wars ", so he wrote : "it seems as though the  movie " Star wars " had its basis in the Maldek story. The plot seems similar to the story in the Bible about a war in the heaven involving Lucifer. Interestingly enough, a particle beam or laser weapon was used  in the movie to destroy a planet. It seems that the " Star wars "plot could be much closer to historical reality than most viewers would have guessed[24]. GHW was the first to use the word " Maldek " in his writings. Now many have accepted it into common usage and if they were asked would tell you " Maldek "must be a name from out of the myth and legend, but this is not so. The word did not exist until GHW used it. A similar thing happened to James Hilton's word used in his novel " Lost Horizon " and that is " Shangri-là " which is now in common usage and found in the dictionaries. The story of the destruction of Maldek and Malona ( or Lucifer and Lilith ) can be found in GHW' s early books.

In his book " Other tongues - other flesh ", GHW wrote about Maldek and Malona[25],, quoting the fact that probably Maldek can be related to Marduk, the Babylonian main God. But we also know that Marduk was the son of the Sumerian Master/God Enki/Ea as well he was known in Egypt as Ra, the son of the Egyptian Master/God Ptah.

In his books, Dr Zecharia Sitchin has clearly explained that in the Babylonian state religion, in the " Enuma Elish “ poem, Marduk took the place of Nibiru, the so called Twelfth planet of our Solar System. As we know now, in the earlier times, Nibiru and his moonlets smashed the old planet Tiamat who was orbiting among Mars and Jupiter as GHW stated. The result which came from the "Celestial Battle " was the destruction of Tiamat, which was split into two parts, the biggest one formed a new planet, the actual Earth, while the other part formed the Asteroid belt.  Then the big Tiamat's moon, Kingu, was attracted by the new planet Earth and it came into being as his new Moon. This is very briefly the Sitchin's/Sumerian’s explanation of the formation of Earth with a kind of stabilization of our Solar System around 4 billons years ago.[26]

Apart the difference in the fact that GHW stated that the planet among Mars and Jupiter was destroyed by extraterrestrial weapons, the importance of the GHW revelation consists in the statement that a " planet in that position " was destroyed.  As we know GHW always explained that his sources were either the interstellar radio communications he had during the 1952-3 period either, above all, the telepathic message he received from human beings living on Earth. Then he probably had no access to the Sumerian tablets or to some translation of them. Therefore it is quite possible that he could not fully understand the information received, so that he correctly interpreted the fact of the destruction as well the position of the planet, while he mis-understood the means of the destruction. He might be influenced by the possibility of the atomic war among United Stated and Russia, which was very close to start early 1950s. Furthermore GHW stated that " Maldek-Malona ( his old moon ), are known today as the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Again this fully match the Sitchin's statements concerning the outcome of the " Celestial Battle " and the formation of the Solar System. [27]

GHW was the first to suggest a theory of cultural magnetism and their connection with present UFO visitation. The UFO ANNUAL for 1975 confirmed what GHW has said over twenty-two years earlier when it was reported in that volume " ...UFO researcher had examined a massive portion of all UFO report through the years and have come to the conclusion that forty percent of all UFO sightings happened along the Earth 's known fault lines " One of GHW's important contributions has been as originator of the " Wanderer concept ". After nearly thirty years later it has become known popularly as the  "Star People " cases.  That he was many years ahead of author Ruth Montgomery with the " Walk-in " concept.  In 1953 GHW presented the concept of the " Wanderers " and the " Agents ". This information was presented for the first time anywhere in his two chapters devoted entirely to the subject entitled  " The Wanderers and the Agents " in his book that become known as the famous " UFO Bible ", " Other tongues - other flesh ".  Nearly thirty years later, in 1981, author Brad Steiger presented his " discovery " of the " Star people " and  the " Star Helpers "   ( say the GHW' s "Wanderers " and " Agents "  respectively ). Steiger claimed that  " the matter of  "Star People " began when he noticed that a number of psychic individuals, who felt they might have descended from the stars, had certain psychical  traits in common " and that he " discovered " these psychical traits. However, GHW was the first to write about and present " Star People " characteristics and traits in 1953. Steiger undoubtedly did notice such traits peculiar to certain psychic individuals and this is a most wonderful full corroboration of GHW' s early theories, but it certainly didn't all " begin " with Steiger' s revelations. Steiger has added many more characteristics GHW did not mention and this has enlarged and furthered the concept.  Steiger has made a very fine contribution to the " Star people " idea, but he is not the originator. GHW claimed there are two kinds of helpers of mankind incarnate on Earth at the present time.  Steiger presents these as " Star-seeds "  and " Star helpers ", GHW called them " Wanderers " and " Agents ".

Another important case is GHW information about the Star-sun Sirius.  Astronomer Dr John A. Eddy 's research at the High Altitude Observatory, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, is a great confirmation of his very early work.  The discovery that Indian " Medicine Wheels " are aligned with Sirius is only part of it. While conducting  further massive research, GHW discovered that Sirius plays a most prominent ancient role traditionally world-wide and especially in what is known as the "'Cult Dog ". He found this probably refers not to a dog, but to the Dog-Headed Ape (Ningishzidda for the Sumerians, Thot for the Egyptians, Hermes for the Greek ), the Master scribe of the gods, inventor of numbers and letters for men, god of learning and wisdom. During his visit in Italy during August 1958, GHW worked together with the Italian archaeologist, colonel Costantino Cattoi on this and other theories.  Robert K.G. Temple confirmed Cattoi and GHW work in his book " Sirius mystery " ( 1976 ).

GHW, Dr Daniel Ruzo and Colonel Cattoi studied and compared very carefully the rocky sculptures of the Marcahuasi plateau and that ones of the Ansedonia area and Argentario, South Tuscany, Italy. They discovered that there is a strange concentration of electro-magnetic energy exactly underground of the gigantic stone figures in these places. They have further noted that there is a high frequency of UFO sightings in the same area. They both agreed that the builders of the Tiahuanaco civilization came from the space on principle and then from the Mediterranean area.  Many years later, in the fourth book of his famous “ Earth Chronicles “, “ The lost realms [28]“, Dr Zecharia Sitchin, confirmed the statement. Sitchin explained that the Master/God of the Ittites, Teshub ( the Sumerian Ishkur ), went in the Andes area known as Viracocha for the supervision of the gold and tin activities, while The Master/God of the Egyptians, Thot ( the Sumerian Ningishzidda ), went first in Mexico in order to bring the knowledge of culture, writings, calendars as Queztalcoatl starting from 3.113 B.C., then shifted also to South America for the same purpose.


4. The last GHW projects


During the last years before his alleged death, as explained by Captain Bruce Lee Cathie, an old fan of GHW, he was living in the home of his late wife, Dame Thelma Dunlap, “ important researcher and archaeologist who packed a lot of adventures in his 78 years. In her younger days she had been an assistant to the District Attorney, had worked with Scotland Yard, carried out work as detective and had been long time friend of Howard Hughes[29].   

First of all, during mid 80s, GHW was completing the final two books of the “ secret places “ trilogy, being the first book the “ Secret places of the lion “, while the second should have been published as  “ Secret places of the stairs “ and the third “ Secret places of thunder “. As we know, none of the last two books have been published.

Other projects carried out by GHW were consisting of three books, “ Secret of lost horizon “ ( Shangri-là is alive and well ), “ Secret of the high lama “ ( Return to Shangri-là ) and " Secret of the red hand “ ( Being the Secret Science of the Ancient Maya ).  As well Dame Thelma Dunlap was alleged to write down three books, “ Secret of the cosmic gift “, “ Secret of the jade Lady “,  “ Secret of the lost Pharaoh “. None of these books had been never published.

In 1958, before publishing the first edition of “ Secret of the Andes “ ( whose original title should had been “ Essenes of the Andes - Brotherhood of the Seven Rays  “ ), Neville Spearman, Ltd., the publishers who had received the original manuscript from South America, edited out about a quarter of this manuscript for they felt the revelations were too startling to be revealed at that time.  Then after a self-imposed silence of twenty-five years, GHW decided to start to release new revelations, stating that the he had opened up an untried path once again and that  he believed  to have accomplished the most difficult of all feats, he had found “ some new thing “.

GHW was totally convinced that there is a very ancient plan, implemented in our times, to reveal esoteric truth to all who desires it.  Therefore he believed that his mission was to put this plan into full perspective. He though that it began toward the end of nineteenth century with the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and H. Rider Haggard. It was continued by men such as Nicolas Roerich in the 1920s and novelist James Hilton in the 1930s. In a way, this anthro-archaeologist, explorer and ufologist, was a mystic and a seeker.[30]  During his research performed under different names, George Hunt Williamson or Michael D’Obrenovic or Brother Philip, closely remembers another  tireless “ Truth Seeker ”,  the famous George Ivanovic Gurdjieff  or  “ Tatah ” or “ The Small Black ” or “ the Black Greek ” or  “ The Turkestan tiger ” or “ The Dance Master ”.  Both tried to let women and men understand that exists  “ A non terrestrial point of view “, so that the planet we actually call Earth is considered the third of our Solar System starting from the Sun, but it can also be stated as the seventh if we start or we come from the outside of our same Solar System.[31]


Copyright Dr Maurizio Martinelli, 2009


[1] According to documents in the hands of Michel Zirger, GHW already got the passport with the new name D’Obrenovic during his 1961 trip to Japan, Michel Zirger “ George Hunt Williamson revisité “ in “ Lumières dans la nuit “, August 2000, no. 357, page  26

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[16] GHW reported all issues in  “Road in the sky “, see chapters “ The last of the sacred forest “ and “ Beacons of the gods “

[17] After having left Peru in 1958, GHW lectured in Brazil, Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain

[18] Thanks to Prof. Michael Swords, we know that on June 30th, 1960, a letter was addressed to Mons. Michel D’Obrenovic-Obilic van Lazar, at the address Yew Tree House, Hanchurch, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, England, by Mr Charles Zakharoff concerning Australian see serpent. Letter is reported at page 29 in website  www.strangeark.com/nabr/NABR16.pdf .  The connection among GHW and the English milieu linked to the Flying Saucers Review is clearly shown by the articles written by GHW in the review during years 1957-58-59. It is important to note that in no. 4, 1958 year, page 5,  GHW declare to have brought a special gift to Queen Elizabeth 

[19] Vol. 10, No. 3 (Jul., 1968), pp. 406-430   (article consists of 25 pages), published by: Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami , stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/165353

[20] Dr J. Manson Valentine studied very carefully ancient civilization in Central and South America, as well he was active in the Atlantic ocean, above all in the Bermuda triangle area

[21] See in SETV, The Search for Extraterrestrial Visitation, website http://www.setv.org/nstrmntd.html

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[26] It is important to note that during 2009, the so called Nice Group of astronomers, came to the same Sitchin’s statement about the Planet Earth formation, fixing the period about 3.9-4.0 billions years

[27] Starting from 1976, Dr Zecharia Sitchin explained in his seven Earth Chronicles and in his other books the True History of Mankind

[28] Zecharia Sitchin “The lost realms “, Avon Books, New York, 1990  

[29] New Zealand Captain Bruce  L. Cathie, “ The bridge to infinity “ pages 156-57 of the internet pre-view, is an important researcher, as well he explained on GHW that, “ many books have been published over the past twenty-five years ( written end of 1970s ) relating to the mysteries surrounding the development of the human race in prehistoric times. I have read most of these and have found many of them very easy to forget. However, one author who greatly influenced my own thinking and encouraged me to carry out private research into the possibility that there were races on Earth who had access to advanced technology was George Hunt Williamson. His early books were a great inspiration to me and helped to form a foundation upon which I developed my own line of research. Any publication of his is of tremendous value…we need more like him

[30] GHW had been in contacts with theosophies and with Malta Knights. According to Michel Zirger, one of his ancestors, Michel of Serbia, met Hélèna Petrovna Blavatski in 1868

[31] It is a mere matter of perspective. After having realized and accepted that planet Earth is not at the centre of its Solar System, it is the time to realize and accept that Humanity is one of the possible expression of Life, while actually others beings  have actually more knowledge


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